Crypto via Whatsapp – South America

Bernado Garcia, Co-founder of Félix Pago shared some exciting news about a chat-bot on WhatsApp that allows Latino immigrants in the US to send remittances abroad. Félix Pago uses blockchain and AI technology to send payments to recipients as easy as sending a message.

Félix Pago serves Southern Americans in the USA and helps them to send money cross-border to their families. The process is really easy and uses the stable coin MXN to conduct the transaction. During the process, the customer sees a guaranteed exchange rate of USD/MXN in the Félix chat. Once they pay, Félix takes the funds, converts them into MXN, and then executes the necessary trades in crypto to convert the MXN to Mexican pesos, which in turn are then sent to the beneficiary in real time.

The benefits of using Félix Pago via Whatsapp are the reduced fees which are much less than using the conventional bank swift transaction, as well as the speed at which the money is transferred. Normal banking transactions are likely to take days, whereas transferring via crypto is more likely to take hours.

Currently you can send money to Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico from the USA. Payments can be made into bank accounts or delivered in cash to thousands of stores like Elektra, Coppel, Soriana, among others.